Me, some friends, and people I work with will be having a party at a camp ground to give a farewell to the seniors leaving for college with which i work. We will be having an all night party, there will be boozing, but what would be fun for about 10-20 people and a camp fire?

if this is at a state park then i STRONGLY advise you not to drink.
within you lay everything
every key
every secret

untouched and in plain sight
Assuming it is not a state park, what would be some good things, a location has not been completely decided yet.
Well you could sacrifice virgins to Kali. That's always fun.
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
Big fire + large packs of cheap batteries, form a circle around and throw batteries on fire. First one maimed is the loser