Poll: What string gauge do you use?
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.08 or lower
2 2%
35 27%
55 42%
27 20%
10 8%
3 2%
.14 or higher
0 0%
Voters: 132.
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Idk if this has been done before, but what in your opinion feels (and sounds) the best to you?
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At the moment, I use .11s, but I'm working my way up with every new purchase.

I want to end up on .13s, at least - a friend's guitar has them, and it had a very thick, rich tone. I can't help but think the strings are at least partially responsible for that.
Currently sporting .11s in standard, going to restring soon with .9s as I'm getting into lead playing more
Last longer and has more tone+sustain than lighter strings

But when I play lighter gauges I can rip it up.
I don't even shred
0.10 wins this poll

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i love .10's, nothing more comfy for me.
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I chose .09 although i just remembered that i use .10 for drop Db on my les paul and telecaster. i think i'll have to switch the tele ones to .11's since the current ones are a bit loose.
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I'm currently using 10-52 but I'm planning to get into the 11's range end of this year.
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i use 10-46. eventually, i would move to 11-49 or 10-52.
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right now im using 10's but for some reason they seem light to me, i remeber when i first started playing i was like 13, now 15 i used to think 10's were so heavey. LOLOL i remeber when i first started playing i used 8's, and i used to break a string literally everyday. i might move up to 11's.

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.10's, have them on my strat and les paul.

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I use a mix of 10's and 11's on my Strat.
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cmon we need more .10s! lol.
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11-49s for me.

I like the tone, the resistance, and the feel.
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It depends what tuning you're playing on too don't forget. I play tuned down 1/2 a step, which is not good for 0.9's, so I'm on 0.11's.
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.9 and .10 are the only ones that I have used. All Ernie Balls...
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When I bought my guitar it had .09 strings on it, but I broke one after a week already so I replaced them with .10s. Much more satisfied with those
i used .10 to .60 zakk wylde boomers!!! they f**king destroyed my guitar. i do not know what on earth i was thinking when i bought it. i knew it would make my neck warp i knew it would damage my nut and i still did it.

now my neck has hairline cracks and i reverted to .10-.46 and got my nut replaced and set up properly

i have a phobia of changing string gauge already
i suggest martin marquis bronze extra light acoustic guitar strings... 0.10-0.47 great strings...have a great sound and keep the sound for months
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This is what I use.

For standard - down D tuning - 49 - .09

C tuning - drop C = .56 - .11

drop B - lower - .70 - .11
.10 for me
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Bigger strings equal bigger tone. I use .13 on my strat and I am going to get my prs set up for .12 soon.
10's work for me. i can play metal and then when i go off into my jazz playing they feel just right
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Movin' up to Ernie Ball 11's on my les paul.

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.9s. They've been and stayed my favorite guage since I first started. I've tried all the other guages, and they never felt as good.

I'm strictly an Ernie Ball user.
I used to use nothing but 8s unfortunately the bulk packs of strings are only available in 9s and 10s so I switched to 9s. When you have so many guitars it's just cost effective when you can buy the bulk packs of ten sets for $30.00. I am actually due for and other couple packs.
10-46 on the LP
11-48 on the EX
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I use .12s with a wound G(D'Addario XL Light Jazz Gauge) . I like them better because I prefer the feel of a wound string to a non-wound so having another one instead of another non-wound is a lot nicer in my opinion. Also, I find they have a bit more punch to them than the .09s I used to use without going into overtwang(which is why I don't use Ernie Balls, the new-string overtwang takes over a week to wear off with them. =/), they seem a LOT more durable and I don't have a harder time bending with them like some people say they do. =P
Depends on the tuning really. 9-46 for standard and down 1/2 step (along with the dropped forms of these tunings), 10-52 for d/drop c and c#/drop b, and 11-50 for c standard/ drop Bb.

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I use .11's on my Schecter for anything from Drop B to Standard, but once I get my Blackjack ATX or build a metal guitar, I'm going .10's on the current Schecter and .12's on the metal guitar that will stay in Drop B.
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I use 0.13-0.056 on my six strings (all of them).
When I get my seven string baritone, I reckon I'll go to something like .011-.058 or something. Maybe the low B will be a 0.060 or 0.062. Will have to experiment.
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