I have just bought an on/ off toggle switch off ebay. And when it arrived i noticed it only had two poles.

Diagram: _
\ \
\ \
|----------| _________
|----------| | [] |
|----------| | |
|----------| Bottom View= |______[]_|
| |

Sorry about the diagrams haha
So can i wire this up for 2 humbuckers?
Can someone give me a diagram please?
Thanks heaps
can't make heads or tails of that text drawing.

take a picture? make a drawing in MS Paint?
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As dragonofice3 said: You need an on on on switch. Your on off switch will only do on or off. So you can't select with it. It is a spst you got there. You need a DPDT. It will have 6 solder lug things.

very sorry my bad. I dont need it for humbuckers, thats my other guitar. Im doing a killswitch, on/ off. I already have a wiring diagram. but the one that i have the switch has 3 solder lugs. how can i wire this with only 2?
Sorry, I'm not sure what you want. You didn't phrase it very clearly. I think you mean you want to use your spst on/off as a killswitch, but the wiring diagram uses a spdt? If so what might work is to solder one part of the switch to the tip of your jack and the other to the sleeve. Then you will short the signal to ground and it should cut the signal, I think...
yeah your right ^
I just read an article about it on another website,
so now i know how to wire it up, how can i get someone to close this forum?