I recently ordered ES-335. I love the way it sounds but it makes annoying noises that makes me cringe sometimes. Whenever I slide up and down the neck, I can hear a rattling noise as I pass each fret....kind of like a train bumping over each railroad track, only the rails in this case are the frets.

I showed my guitar teacher who has 30 years more experience then me, and he doesn't notice the noise. I swear to god I'm not insane though, I've had him set it up for me, but I still notice this noise when I slide. It's more noticable when the amp is real quiet or turned off, but its sooo annoying it makes me want to cry. Is this sound normal?

Also, when pulling off I also get a buzz noise. It doesn't always happen, and it's so frustrating, I've tried showing my guitar teacher it and every time I can't get it to happen, but when I'm playing alone I notice it like mad. It only happens when I pull off, but sometimes it also happens if I don't hit the fret perfectly in the right spot. My teacher has told me I am not fretting in the right spot sometimes and thats causing the buzz, but on my other guitar, as well my friends yamaha copy 335 I never have this problem with the buzz. Is it really me?
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Buy new cables!!
The cable could make a difference.
I also had problems with cheap equepment but cranked all of my gear up and now the problem is solved..
If it's my cables then why don't I notice it when I plug my other guitar in?

Also sometimes I like to play without the amp, like when people are sleeping, and the rattling is extremely noticable on the 335 when I have the amp turned off. It sounds plain ugly when it's not plugged in.
I had that with my LTD, just gotta wait for the fret markers to get worn in.
i've had the guitar a month and no change, and I do play at least an hour a day, usually way more. how long does this take?
"My teacher has told me I am not fretting in the right spot."

I'd go with that BEFORE making any changes. Practice his suggestion.