I've lost almost all feeling in my fingertips, It's happened in the last few days when I started playing acoustic, I usually play electric.

I think it's the thicker strings, or the higher action, or the higher tension (? it feels that way) or just the fact for the first few days I barely put the thing down when it was hurting. Anyway, there's very little feeling (if any) in the fingertips and the inside edge of my thumb (I use my thumb quite a lot when I play) on my fretting hand.

Does the feeling come back if you stop playing for a while? (after how long?) at the moment it's all just numb.
its all good man just stop playin and it will come back but its good like that for guitarin u should keep them its good for putting out joints and all sorts of other things i suppose lol
numb? or you can't really feel anything? On my finger tips (playing hand) I don't feel a lot cause I've been playing so long.
They shouldn't be numb your probably just gaining Callus' on yuor fingers it's good for playing guitar. if you stop they will weaken
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yeah if you stop playing your body will adjust back. probably in a week or two.
thicker strings and higher tension...
It hurts me as well if I don't play it for a long time.
but now it stopped to hurt tho cause I play acoustic a lot cause I'm practicing singing a lot.
and the feeling will come back if you stop or if you don't...
maybe it will last longer to get the feeling back if you keep playing it but then it will never hurt again.
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numb shouldn't be good. my fingers were never numb for playing, so i guess that's not normal. maybe you should go to a doctor? :s having numb fingers or whatever means your blood flow isn't going on as it should
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Cool, thanks for the responses. Numb is the wrong word.

do most people lose feeling more towards the 'pad' (?) of their index finger than the other fingers? I tend to use it to cover a couple of strings sometimes.
yip. And my fingers are quite rough which means I can't wipe sleep out of my eye.