hung my guitar up a few years back after a messy divorce, etc. Long story, but I just wasn't in the mood to play. I was intermediate at best. Well, I returned to it about a week ago and have been learning some songs and can't believe how much I've improved. My fingers are faster than ever and I can pick up solos etc very easily.

Has this ever happened to any of you guys where you have felt you play better after a very long break?
lol im happy for you dude, maybe your body and brain needed a big rest to absorb all the guitar stuff and unleash it or maybe its a present from a godly being to help with the divorce? :P
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well i stopped playing when i was 12 because i went to a horrible school where the boys would be trying to kill me and the girls would be sexually harassing me - at age 12, thats NOT to be seen as a good thing. And the music teacher kept dragging me out on trips to play guitar to other schools as a showcase of the school music department when the fact i played guitar had nothing to do with him or that crappy school and i decided since it was unfair to be representing a school that did nothing but mess me up i stopped playing.

A year after that i moved to a different school and picked the guitar up again when i was 15. I've improved a hell of a lot since then, but i will point out that i'm now nearly 19 so i have had about 3 years to get re-adjusted to the instrument
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Yeah man, after a break recently I found that I'd completely forgotten how to play r, but and it even felt uncomfortable holding the guitar, I've relearnt and I'm better than I was previously so I don't mind :P

That's good that you've picked it up again, nice one.
hey blompcube mind if I ask you what the laney vc is like? i was thinking of getting a vc15 as a bedroom amp as they are really cheap over here.
My Beginner setup:
Ibanez rg321mh
Roland Micro cube