Im sort of a newish guitarist, and I recently did an overhaul on the appearence of my Strat. I realized: Wow... Screwing with guitars is fun. lol. So I decide I should put together the old Series 10 Bass my brother took apart like 16 years ago, and never got back together. I have all the pats (Except I need a new neck.. >_<. Now, I know NOTHING about basses. lol. I just know how to put the parts together. So, my question is a really noobish simple one.. I have a piece of crap Fender beginners amp. Like 5w or something.. Now, will a bass guitar work in a guitar amp..? Thats basically my question in a nutshell.

Thanks to anyone who reads all that.
Bbaaaaad idea.
The bass will blow the guitar amp out.
THe guitar amp isn't built to handle the low frequencies.
A bass guitar will work in a guitar amp for a little bit, then the speaker will probably explode because it can't handle the low frequencies. Don't do it. Though plugging a guitar in a bass amp is fine because the bass amp speaker can handle. The tone you get from plugging into a bass amp can be really nice.

EDIT: Beaten to it.

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Thank you guys very much. I have my eyes set on a decent Line 6 bass amp. Right around $100. Will look into it.