ive been playing guitar for about 3 years now and can pick up just about anything if i really try, but ive been trying to find some really good hand picking songs for the acoustic and cant really find anything interesting. i was hopeing for something in a minor key but enything is aprectiated; thanks.
What genre? I personally like the acoustic versions of Broken by Seether and Wherever You Will Go by The Calling. I play them with a pick though. Hope you find some cool songs if these aren't what you were looking for. =]
Dust in the wind by Kansas is a good song to learn, as is tears in heaven by Eric Clapton.
Go for Pink Floyd maybe?

Goodbye blue sky
is there anybody out there
and if you're experienced enough In Flames - Acoustic medley
and so on
Anything by SLIPSTREAM. The guitarist is great and the parts are difficult but fun.
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i acually already know how to play broken, and i was planning on learning tears in heavon but kept forgetting, and just so ive covered 3 topics in one reply, ive grown a deep-rooted hatred for in flames because of an ex g/f who listened to them who eventually made me hate everything about her in a split second and therefore in flames by association (nothing against them, just any sort of memory of her puts me into a kindof sadistic, self-hateing mood; i think ive said enough).

but i was looking for stuff that was more "bluesy" i guess, the stuff that makes your fingers burn after playing for a while, not just slow foofy-bitch music, stuff that forces to you use your fingers like "Nothing Else Matters" (have you ever wondered how many people are out there fuking to that song, right now?) but hey, anything to strengthen the fingers