Hey all, I've had my Jag HH since April and I love it.
I usually play a lot of rock, metal and punk/grunge which it handles exceptionally, but every once in a while I enjoy playing some "cleaner" stuff. This is when I miss my Strat's single coils... ^^'

I won't say my Jag's humbuckers are bad for these clean tunes (coz they aren't) but they're just not the same a a Strat's single coils.

So my question today (this was my question yesterday too but got no replies so consider this a kind of bump ):
How can I add a coil split feature to my Jag (like in the new Classic Player Jags)? And can I do this without changing the stock humbuckers ("Fender Dragster Humbucking Pickups")?

Ideally I'd like to replace the 2-way on-off pickup sliders with 3-way sliders (on-off-coil split). A friend also suggested I should change the bass cut (strangle) switch into an out-of-phase switch but I can do that later, it's not too important.

What do you guys think?

BTW although I know how to use a soldering iron, I'm not an electronics pro so please don't hesitate to make diagrams and to explain in a little more detail if you deem necessary.

I'd apreciate any help I get.

The last Jaguar I worked on had 2 conductor humbuckers.

You can modify two wire humbuckers if you open them up and locate the leads to the coils. This is a pretty difficult soldering trick, but it is possible. You just have to remove the 2 conductor wire leading in and replace it with a 4 conductor wire. Locate the lead that jumpers the two coils together, split it, and wire one side each to the extra two conductors you now have.

It's not a beginner's soldering job, thats for sure.

You should really have a Strat laying around instead of trying to split those humbuckers.
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Hmm alright, thanks for the info guys.

I guess I'll have to get new humbuckers then. Any suggestions of a good pair of humbuckers that are good for splitting?

What about invaders? Although they look killer I've heard a lot of good and bad things about them... ^^'
Okay, basically I'm looking for some fairly hot humbuckers, good for overdrive and distortion but they should also have a good clean sound. Should also be splittable.
I guess so, but just a bit. I found that the Jag's stock buckers were a good balance which is why I wanted to avoid changing them.
But something slightly fatter would probably suit my playing style.
Had a look at those pickups and some others and came across the SHPR-1 P-Rails Humbuckers by Seymour Duncan. They look... um... interesting, but it's really the description that got my attention:

"Flexible coil-splitting humbucker is ready for anything.

The Seymor Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rails is a full-size humbucker pickup that can be split to either a "real deal" P-90 or a traditional single-coil. Perfect for a wide variety of styles including country, pop, surf, jazz, blues, classic rock, and heavy rock.

Until now, if you wanted humbucker, P-90, and vintage Strat tones, you d have to haul three guitars to the gig. Enter P-Rails. It s a full-size humbucker that splits to either a full-size P-90 or a special Alnico-powered single-coil Rail pickup. The humbucker sound is full and expansive, owing to the mis-matched coil configuration. The P-90 is a super fat. And the Rail coils, when used together, sound like the 2 and 4 positions in a great Strat."

Here are the Guitar Center links:

Are these really as good as the description states?
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That's not really a poblem though, I can always get some nice chrome covers for them (if the ones I already have dont fit).
Lol, but sound-wise (imagine they looked more or less normal ^^'), do you think they are good/worth it?