I call to order this humble town court,
For which the young have died
and the noble hath fought.
To try this most foul creature,
This wh*re-iffic Bitch.
The one Hester Prynne of this town,
The one we call a witch.

Concoctions she's made,
Skin she's flayed.
Cattle she's killed,
And husbands she's thrilled
With adulterous spite,
Using her powers at their full might,
Unable the lord hath been to smite.

Found by our noble sirs,
Surrounded by the furs of a daemonic beast.
For the eyes, a feast, of crimes and misdemeanors.
Sat around her pewter cavern,
She was brewing the foulest of potions,
Purely for the devotion of the most evil lord.
She wished to conjure and bring forth
The satanic Horde!

For these crimes we cannot ignore
The basic reasons for our Laws and statutes being in place.
Take this vile temptress by her wretched hands,
Allow her to burn at the stake
In the flames she wished to cast upon us all!

Just something I'm writing for a concept album set in Medieval England. First track of the album (so far). Kind of have a rough idea where the story's going from here.
Any criticism is appreciated
Black metal ahoy! With your screamy vocal style and some heavy-as-fook instrumental work, you're on to a winner here- fantasy-themed black metal ftw!
This is really cool. I love the idea of concept albums and songs in general. I don't know if you've ever played Diablo, but this brings up memories of that