Over the past 6 months I've joined a band which, hopefully, are going to start gigging soon. This is a problem as my current amp is a frontman 15g, which has suited me OKish for the past 3 years. Now I can't decide which amp I want. I want something around £200-250 rougly $400/500 dollars or so. I want it to be loud enough for gigging and also be able to handle a bit of gain, but not loads because my band only plays indie rock/pop.

I was thinking of the ADV50T, but I'm not sure as I read a topic that said hybrids are a marketing scheme.

Help me please?

What I want in my rig (Bold = gear I have):
Ibanez SZ-520QM
Vintage VECJ100BK
Epiphone Dot
Laney VC15
Boss GE7
Boss SD1
Zoom G2
You could find a used Laney VC (maybe a new VC15) for that price: low-ish gain, lovely cleans, + loud enough for gigs. You can probably get a pretty good valve amp for that amount of money if you're prepared to buy second hand and spend a while looking for a good deal.

EDIT: Its about what you like in the end. Go to a shop and try some stuff out, then buy it second hand! Try second hand stuff out before buying it though...
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yeah, i'd second the laney vc. you can get a vc15 already, or if you save a little more (up to £300), you can get a vc30 new.

of course, personal preference and all that, obviously try one (and everything else which is a similar price bracket) to make sure you like it.
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