Well, I'm not really a guitar newbie per say. But compared to some hardcore 20 year players I definitely am. I guess its been about a year. I can read tabs (surprisingly some can't). I'm really passionate about music... I just really want to play. And my range of music is wide from things like Paramore to Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, BFMV, Greenday, Nickleback. I like alternative to hardcore. Not into too much screamo though.

Anyway, I really want to just get in a band and do shows, but if I can't do that an online band's the next best thing right? I want to travel, its time to move out, I've graduated, but I have no car. I've got cash for a ride, so if anyone has a place to crash and wants a guitar buddy hit me up =P. (Lives in california).

I don't have too good of equipment for recording online, but if I can find some serious people I can buy new stuff, I've got the cash. I'd prefer to find someone in real life and just play with them. Lead Guitar is what I'd rather be, but depending on the band I join/form I'd probably have to be Rhythm with vet guitarists out there.

So if any of you bands are traveling and one of your guitarists just died, HIT ME UP lol. Or whatever, I don't really want to be the leader of the band as in being in charge of forming it. I'm rather looking for someone who needs someone like me and will take me in.

I just love music and want to pay the bills with my guitar (PWT fans know what I'm sayin =P)

Oh and, as far as my skills go. I don't really learn many songs. I mainly learn riffs from songs I like... I know a lot of riffs from Avenged Sevenfold since they're my favorite. Unholy Confessions, Lost, Bat Country and more. I know most of Critical Acclaim and Beast and the Harlot. Crazy Train intro. I know Crushcrushcrush by Paramore, and Animal I have become by Three Days Grace. So obviously you can see I'm not pro nor anywhere near it, but I do have some skill to do this. I'm serious about it, just gotta progress with it some more which, why not do together?
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wanna form an online band? i can play lead guitar. i love a7x and can play all of unholy confessions pretty much perfectly. i also know most of beast and the harlot (only half of the solo ).

so we can start looking for a bassist, drummer and singer if you'd like
dude im down to start an online band, i can play rhythm and sing, ive been told i can sing pretty well, and ive been playing the axe for about 4 months im not the best but i can hold my own send me a pm dude
hey there I play bass So if you tell what I need to do recording I can try it but never recorded before Let me know