Right, my internet's being a bit funny with certain things
First off, when I try and sign into Windows Live Messenger I get the troubleshoot option. After clicking that, my DNS and Host Files show up as not working. Clicking repair doesn't seem to do anything, I end up with the same problems.
When I open up Firefox, Myspace displays in plain text and I get a 'Firefox cannot find the server at...' message for any search engine I try and access, and the same for Hotmail. Also, upon starting up Firefox, all my bookmarks have been cleared (grrrrr)
Can anyone help me out here?
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Try restarting your router. My friends was doing this the other day and i just ended up turning it off then on. If it still does it you've probably got some kind of DNS problem on the ISP's end?
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I think it might be your ISP. A couple of weeks ago mine changed their DNS servers and while they did so i wasn't able to get on xbox live because it couldn't find it.
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restart your modem and your router...it usually helps.
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MSn is working now and firefox is displaying normally, but hotmail still isn't found along with a few other sites
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