yes and no, don't get the valveking if you play mainly metal. Look at B-52's and Randall's such as the RG50tc, much better for metal.
The valveking is good for metal. ANd if you like to play blues occasionaly, its good as well. But there might be a better amp for you.
I would consider it an upgrade. Bu like others said, you should also try looking at some other amps, and make sure you get the right one for you.
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The Vk 112 is NOT good for metal, it doesn't have enough gain and there's no real punch in it.
112s are generally a wiser choice than 212s in as much as the extra speaker only really adds bulk and weight
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I got payed £370 today and I'm soooooooooo tempted, but I've been saving up for PGM301 for ages now and need the money for that, I currently have a Washburn X-50, what do I need more, the guitar or the amp :P ? Currently have a spider 212
I wouldnt recommend either of those, they rent real true tube amps you can do better.


listen to that tone, its alot better than what those two amps you mentioned can do.

Randall RG50TC
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