How awesome are these guys? They sound like a heavier, faster Queensrÿche with a ton more great albums in the '80s. I'm currently searching for the original editions of the first 6 albums, having recently downloaded them all randomly (thank you, RapidShare! )

So Dream Theater took major influence from them, huh? I guess I can hear smidges of it.
Haha, is this thread inspired by me ?
And yes, they're one of the most awesome Prog Metal bands ever.
can your recommend an album to start with?

I'd just download their discography but I've found that when I do that, I don't really get into a band as much as i would if I downloaded one, listened, downloaded another, listened etc.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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You could start with their debut Night On Bröcken and work your way forwards from there, since they get better with each album (until Perfect Symmetry; their first boring effort). Or, you could jump straight into their 4th album No Exit – that's so far my favourite one.

If I were to put my favourites in order, they would go like this...

1) No Exit
2) Awaken The Guardian
3) The Spectre Within
4) Night On Bröcken

That's their first 4 albums, and you can't really go wrong. From their 5th, though, they become really boring.