So me and by buddy we're discussing why girls always feel the need to tell their guy what they wanna name their kids. This got us thinking, "what could we name kids that would simply put them on top of the social ladder?" After discussion of the topic for quite some time we decided it needed to be something that simply rolls off the tongue, but at the same time couldn't be too short. It needs to have at least 3 syllables and needs to fill out well on paper, it had to be intriguing, possibly even provocative, something that his first grade teacher would really have to get used to. We figured as well, (who wouldn't), that it needed to be something no one has ever named a child before. We threw a few names around but nothing quite stuck, (Waltherson, Epiphany, Rigatoni, etc.). After around 3 hours of going back and forth we decided to take a break and sleep on it. That night at 3 am I was awaken by a phone call, noticing it was my friend I answered "Hello?" he said but one word: "Cockmonster."