just look for any dvd with a reputable bass players name.... i thiiiink victor wooten has one but dont hold me to that
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Before you buy any, I'd check out some clips on youtube and see if it goes into the things you want.
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Want to know how to play bass in jazz? Read this.
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Before you buy any, I'd check out some clips on youtube and see if it goes into the things you want.


Sure, you don't find whole movies, but you find the fragments of them that can be essential to making your own style. I'm self taught as far as your standard basslines go, but the special techniques such as tapping and harmonics I used Youtube to find a little about.

Also, Vic Wooten does have an instructional video out, but its him...except old school. I forget what its called exactly, but it does exist.
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What are you trying to learn? This would also help focus some of the suggestions. I know of some great videos, but if you're not into learning say fingerstyle funk or slap, I don't want to be recommending anything down that line.

The title is in all caps. It's Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey. All they do is make passive aggressive remarks to each other.

The first thing Victor Wooten says on the DVD is "How do you get that whistle when you talk?".

It's a decent video, better for comedic use. I second YouTube.
I'd recommend the Stu Hamm one, I believe its called Slap, Pop, and Tap. If thats not it I'm pretty sure that they are in the title. Tam knows I think.
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