right, i got a starter guitar, its a johnson telecaster strat. right ive got emg pickups, but the one nearest the neck. it has been resting on the strings therfore i cannot play a clean fret. Ive pushed it down and its now slanted leaving the higher strings, so now i can play free? what would you do? i sound a noob, so no cheeky comments, please.
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get a screwdriver and adjust the screws next to the pickup, that should do the trick

So there aren't 2 screws either side of the pickup, in the pickguard?
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I need to restring my guitar anyways, so im going to take faceplate off and tighten the screw on the pickup, i'll let you know what happens.
took faceplate off, both screws are outta wood, took springs off and screwed it back in, restrung it, plays fine, bout a fingers gap between pickup and strings.