im deciding between the ibanez xpt700 xiphos and the jackson RR3. im ganna change the pickups and the trem on which ever one a decide to get to an OFR and emg pickups. which guitr do u think is better?
The Xiphos is Made in Indonesia, and both the ones I tried had horrible fret jobs,

Never tried an RR3.
Either way works out I suppose, if you swap out the trem for an OFR.

The Xiphos does have 24 frets on it, as opposed to the RR3's 22 frets. If you're planning on just removing all the components and replacing them with your own ****, you're best going for the one you like the feel of.
the rr3 is a great guitar and you should be pleased with it without any of those modifications
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xiphos is made of mahogany with a set in neck, while the rr3 is alder with a bolt on i believe.
i'd go with the rhoads personally cause i think high gain pickups have a better sound with the alder bodies, but u'll just have to play both since yer lookin for one with the best feel.
I haven't played the Xiphos yet but I have played the RR3. I would get an RR3 because it comes with a fairly decent LFR, and has genuine SD's, plus the shape is just badass.
Ive tried Both, and personally i liked the Xiphos better, plus the OFR Will fit into it without any routing. im not sure how it would go with the jacksons trem, it might be a direct swap too but im not sure. Your best bet would to go to a guitar store and try them both out side by side and see which one feels best to you.
Go with the RR3, i have one and its awesome even though it has the LFR, it is still good in my opinion.