well ive thrown in the towel on getting a guitar that has already been made, so im building my own.

i have a dimarzio PAF Pro, a true velvet, a DPDT switch, a fender 5 way upgrade switch with upgrade .02 cap, a switchcraft switch, and a Schaller 456 is on the way and so is a paf pro for the neck. i also have 250k pots, but im ordering 500k as well. ones push pull and one is standard.

the body is going to be made by jim riggs, and its either going to be a "Dark Wing" or "Big Surf". the design is already complete. but i was wondering.

1. can someone tell me the tonal differences between alder and swamp ash? im thinking of going for swamp ash, becuase im not going to paint the guitar, my mom is going to just put lacquer over it (shes actually an experienced lacquer-er ) and it will be a clear finish. i thought of just going with swamp ash so it will look better, but i want to know the differences from your guys experiences. theres not really any humbucker'ed swamp ash guitars at my local shop, only SSS strats.

2. would the 456 need to have a groundwire going to it?

3. whats a fretboard wood that will give me the tone of rosewood, but with an upgraded tone? i thought brazillian rosewood would do that, but its just expensive becuase of the rarity.

4. whats the difference between quartersawn maple and standard maple? is it a tonal difference?

5. how can i get the feel of a 9.5" radius but not have the notes cut out?

hopefully this guitar will be done early next year. its just going to be a matter of putting the parts together.


Dark Wing/Big Surf Alder/Ash Two Piece Body.
500k Push Pull for Volume
500k Standard for Tone
Mini DPDT for Killswitch
Schaller 456 Bridge
DiMarzio F Spaced PAF Pro (Bridge)
DiMarzio True Velvet (Middle)
DiMarzio PAF Pro (Neck)
Warmoth Custom Maple/Rosewood Neck, Standard Thin Contour, Quartersawn Maple
Schaller Straplocks
Schaller Mini Locking Tuners
Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies (tuned to D standard)
1) If you are clear coating it, I would say get swamp ash. Bottom line, regardless of the minor tonal differences, you don't really want to be clearcoating alder.
3)Fretboard won't noticeably affect your tone. Just get a regular rosewood one.
4)Quartersawn is cut in such a way that it is far less likely to warp, whereas flatsawn has a higher tendency to. Although, with proper care eiher one will be perfectly OK.
5) I do not know.

How are you going to switch between 3 pivkups with one pushpull pot?
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5) compound radius. you would probably have to order one, as it would be difficult to do yourself.. warmoth.com has them.
thanks for the replies!

about the grounding, should i just get the guy whos building me the body to cut the hole for me?

and the neck, i know about compounds, but the entire 9.5" feel is gone. it doesnt last long enough for me, id need something like a custom compound. does anyone do such a thing?