hey y'all,

i'm trying to figure this out. There's a song I'm working on where I want to switch from a heavy distortion to a clean chorus sound. Basically: Intro (distorted) into Verse (clean with chorus). The effects are stomp boxes (Boss DS1 for distortion and an Ibanez CF7 for the chorus). Its pretty tricky for me to smoothly switch off one, switch on the next one and play at the same time. I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe that I'm playing through, with 2 channels (clean, and one for higher gain/distortion). It has an effects loop too.

So I was thinking, what if I could somehow just switch between the channels of the amp and use the distortion on one channel and the clean sound on the other (with the chorus pedal switched on the whole time)? The only problem is I'm not too sure of the connections, signal path, etc.

Any advice/suggestions?

get a piece of wood and lay it across both pedals, then step on the wood to push them both at the same time

you might want to rig it up in a pedalboard to do it though, just so it hits them both the same way and the wood doesnt shift.

or maybe you could use one of those A/B switchers so while its on A it goes through one whole chainof effects, and then B it goes through another chain.
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They do have switching pedals if you've got a little bit of cash to spend, I've never used one myself but I know they exist.

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Solution: chorus sucks. Just kidding.

Anyhoo. Can you sit down while you play? That makes things much easier, as you can use both feet to press switches. How much of a break is there between the distorted part and the chorused part where you have time to switch?
just use a switch blade....

turn both on and hit the switch blade in the middle of the song....
just master pedal dancing. i had to for my distortion, delay and wah pedals. it's tricky at first but you can do it.