Havn't seen anything about this on the pit, and havn't seen anything like this before. It's really cool to see it go in slow motion.


and a water balloon too...
balloon link
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as an electrical engineer, i pronounce that undoubtedly cool

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High speed cameras! Whatever you shoot with them the result will be amazing.

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i saw the National Geographic program on this, good stuff
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That is actually amazing.
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That's great. If you get a balloon full of water and pop it and film it with a slow-mo camera.. it's amazing also.
so cool....
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it kinda looks like a firework at the start, and is definatley cool
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Whats The Point In This

With that logic , what is the point of art? literature or music?

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Whats The Point In This

It can help us understand the nature and patterns of lightning and the weather?

plus it looks sweet!
the balloon was amazing
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the bitch slap is sooooooo much better. i like how that had a black guy do it to hahahaha
yay for stereotypes!
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Nice video
but I always thought that lightning strikes from the earth to the skys?
No I believe it goes either way. It's the flow of an unbalanced negative ion field to a positive field... but I'm not exactly sure what causes which side to go where.
how much do one of those cameras cost jesus christ
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That lightning video made me feel sick
It was definately rather cool, expecially the water balloon
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Awesome, we had a quick unit in science class about lightning and stuff and that is a good way to show things
the balloon one was really beautiful. The look on the guys face when the water hit his head made me lol. He looked oddly satisfied.
I could watch videos like this all day. The karate chop is amazing.
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