Hi, i am looking for a new acoustic guitar.

I want a decent one but i have to keep one eye on cost. I was looking to spend around £200-£250.

I want an all rounder. something comfortable to play. I like to play fingerpicking medieval folky stuff and also a bit of nice warm chordy stuff. Would a classical guitar be out of the question?

Which shape shall i go for? which woods? solid top right? Which brands?

Also should i maybe go electro acoustic. i mean i want something that sounds like an acoustic but in the future i can see me wanting to plug it in maybe if i do a show or want to play around with some delay etc.

are there different scaled acoustic like there are in electric guitars for eample 25.5 and 24.75?

please advise. thanks
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ovation!!!!!!!! go play one. i love mine. its so easy to go to from electric, the neck feels more like an electric than an acoustic. very comfortable to play. still sounds great too
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I reccommend Freshman... Mine is a low cost one (£100)... but is a great guitar! My friend, who owns guitars costing in the region of £500+ has played mine, & says it's very good. I find it really easy to switch between playing my electric & acoustic. The Freshman has a narrow neck & is comfortable to play. So for £200-£250... you could have a VERY nice one?!

Freshman acoustic
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check these out

http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ovation-Celebrity-Deluxe-GC38-CCBQ-Super-Shallow-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-104810726-i1401461.gc - if you don't like the design and are looking for something more traditional check this out

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If fingerpicking is your style, try looking at some OM or 000 bodied guitars. They're a bit more balanced than bigger guits usually.
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