No - they are utter junk. Get a used Squier if you want something playable that costs very little.
They sound and play very badly, playing this will probably put you off playing, get a cheap Squire or something.


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Well, I started on one, and although it sounded awful and played terribly, I stuck with it. I agree with smb - a used Squier would be good on the cheap, or I think you can get the lowest end Yamaha Pacfica for £100, though I may be wrong.
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My first guitar was an acoustic Encore from Argos. Wasn't bad for only £70. I still wouldn't recommend it tho.
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Are these guitars actually worth buying for first time. I may not even play seriously, so I don't have to have something perfect.


Perfectly acceptable for a first guitar if you just want to give it a try and see how you get on. There's no point spending more than that if you're not sure if you'll take to it.
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If you get a guitar from Argos and enjoy playing it then you'll want to upgrade pretty soon. If you don't enjoy it, that might easily be down to the guitar itself. Every guitar is different. There are plenty of guitars available either second hand or new that are cheap and better than what you can get in Argos.

Plus you don't get to deal with people who know what they're talking about like you would at the guitar store and you won't get to try it first.
My friend got an Squier from Argos, later turned out to be a Squier Bullet, I keep saying he should get a new one, but he wont.
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