Alright I have a Gateway laptop and one day I turned it on and it says it cant find an operating system. I know its not from viruses or anything like that but it had vista on it. My theory is that vista crashed my hard drive. I think I need a new hard drive because when I go into the menu the only memory it detects is the ram and no hard drive. So do I need a new hard drive or am I wrong?
sounds like your hard drive wasn't connected properly tbh. if it was, then yes, you need a new hard drive. or you might need a new mother board, i needed one once, and that was harsh. i decided to buy a new laptop rather than fit a new mother board to an old laptop. easier and about the same price lol.
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try pressing F5 (tap it) as soon as you start your pc and then chose your OS. don't really know how else the pc could locate the OS
Ive already tried the F5 thing and I know it needs some new part. I also have already tried tsking the hard drive out and puting it back in right and it didnt work. I think ill buy a new hard drive and of that dint work Ill get a new laptop.