I'm modding an old guitar that i have. I bought 3 lace single coil pickups and i'm planning on the regular strat wiring. So far no problems, i have the right schematics and all. But im also planing on doing a few additional mods.
The first is a push/pull pot that will emulate a humbacker with the bridge and middle pickups.
The second is another push/pull pot that combines the neck and bridge pickups and will make a tele-like sound.
Can anyone help me with the schematics?

Mod #1:
http://www.1728.com/guitar3.htm, the first mod.
If you want just for the bridge/middle, get rid of switch 1 completely, and the wire that comes from the bridge + is connected to the upper-left lug on switch 2.
Mod #2:
On the push-pull pot, connect the upper-left lug to the bridge + and neck +, and the left-middle lug to the volume pot's common lug (if you know what I'm saying). Then connect the middle pickup + to upper-right lug on the push-pull pot, and a wire going to ground in the middle-right.
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