well ive had my guitar since november and theres VERY SLIGHT wear on the 1st fret, E and A strings
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on my first guitar about 2 years. i clean it frequently though. on my jackson, i don't there will be for a long time. stainless steel ftw
I have no fretwear after a year.
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The frets on my "#1" have aged evenly and gracefully over the past 10 years (Give or take). I believe they are 6100s but are worn to something along the lines of a 6150; Wide, but low.

No dents or deadspots to speak of and the guitar feels great. I'm going to put off fretwork until it is absolutely necessary. Something about having the frets pulled out of my baby...gives me the heebies...
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ive had my epi LP since last march and i wouldnt call it wear so much but rather scouring. there are small, tight, distinct scours in most of my frets (notably the first, tenth and twelfth) i use ghs boomer 11's and i didnt notice any fretwear until i read this and looked. they do a good number on my fingers too, so it might be time for me to find some new strings/
My first guitar which is a little over 5 years old has fairly noticeable string marks. It has 12s on at the mo which doesn't help. Nothing yet on my strat after a year.
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Had it for 2 years, only slight fretwear on the 1st and 2nd frets.. (Wire marks ).
and then on the 10th Fret aswell.

(Too much playing :P)
I've used 12's and 11's a lot on my #1 (60th anniv. MIM strat), has 11's on it right now, and after two years it has some significant fret wear but not enough to ruin playing. Next string change I'm gonna go down to 10's and then in the summer when I make some money I'm going to buy the tools and do fret jobs on all my guitars.
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my gibson frets are worn evenly, they are wide and low and it bothers me sometimes but i recently figured out how to set it up *properly* and the guitar feels much more solid now, my telecaster is a 2001 and it has significantly more fret wear than the gibson, the LP is a 93 and the frets and neck seem to be in much better shape than the neck on my tele... but MIM fender... you get what you pay for, but it still sounds and feels awesome so the neck and frets dont really phase me that much
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Still no fret wear on my Epi LP Special II after two years.

Who else went to check on their guitar after reading this thread?
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1 and a half years (Jackson DK2T) years, but I probably put 20 hours on it a week minimum...
11's on my schecter for a year and a half and so far nothing. Their stainless steel so I'm not worried. My other fender copy isn't fairing too well with 12's lol. But I smoothed them down about a week ago with some high speed sanding bits (yeah I know lol) and it worked out well.
I have a 19 year old Clapton Strat, the action was lowered within the week of it being bought, apart from that, its needed nothing changing, and the frets are still in perfect condition despite heavy use since then.