Hello All, I'm looking for a band that uses space echo effects in their songs. Or at least something like that.

Like This

I'm also looking for a band which uses the guitarsound in Snow Patrol's Shut Your Eyes Or at least songs that use it. I've heard them called Sonic Youth guitars somewhere, but from what I heard of them, they don't use it. I've only heard their 2006 album though.

If I've posted this in the wrong forum, please take it easy, I'm new :P Real new.
pink floyd is as sonic as it gets in my opinion.. buy dark side of the moon, go in your room and shut the lights and you press play ..
get pink floyd meddle, greatest example of space rock
its got "echoes"
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Quote by enemy120
get pink floyd meddle, greatest example of space rock
its got "echoes"


Also Piper is pretty space rockish.

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Definitely Pink FLoyd, I think anyone who knows anything about music is going to think of them after 10 seconds of that clip. Some post-rock, too. This Will Destroy You use similar guitar parts but sadly not with the effects so much.
Marilyn Manson is my favorite, although there are alot more bands.

Are some very spacey songs:
Great Big White World

The Dope Show

Mechanical Animals

Rock is Dead


The Speed Of Pain

Sweet Dreams

And like the above said, pink floyd is amazing but dont have time to list any songs.
Alot of Industrial Rock too like Manson has a spacey feel to it.
Ill update my post later
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minus the bear - planet of ice

muse? Ive never actually heard them, but I hear theyre real space rock
A Storm in Heaven and Verve EP era Verve. Spacey as you could ever want.
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