I have a squier strat, and I'd like to change the pickguard.

Following all the instructions I've read, everything comes off, with the exception of the tone/volume knobs. I have pulled, with all my might, as have others, but to no avail. The knobs will not come off.

Is there something I'm not getting here? Does anyone have suggestions for how to safely remove the knobs?
Place a thick pick or other piece of plastic that fits under the knob under the knob, and pop it off, using the pick as a crowbar. If that doesn't work, wrap a T-shirt under the knob, and pull hard.
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I read that somewhere, but I spent fifteen minutes trying to wrap the t-shirt under the knob before I got frustrated and went back to pulling it with my hand.
Try using a set of pliers and a small piece of cloth to prevent scratches. The knobs on my bass wouldn't come off either when I wanted to spray paint the pick guard black and I used a set of pliers to pull them off. Use the cloth to prevent any scratches or dents you might make. With the pliers you can get a firmer grip than your fingers and you should be able to pull them off a lot quicker/easier.
I put them off with my scissors...i'm too lazy to explain how.
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Thanks for all the suggestions!