Hey guys, I’m quiet interested in the Olympics and as the opening ceremony is over is was wondering what you guys though of it and that UG needed a place to discuss medal hopes and the events as they take place.

So talk all things Olympics for the next 16 days
Peace out guys
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Just hit all the strings at once, raping your e string and making retardly out of place pinch harmonics

oh wait, this isn't a slipknot concert..


And the amish said let their be CHEESE...
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i feel kind of dumb, but where can i watch the olympics on tv?

in the centre of the screen?!?
the opening ceremony was mental, i mean how the hell did they get those Olympic rings made of light to float?

but yea go GB even though we are gonna do terribly
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in the centre of the screen?!?

funny guy... i meant in what channel
Yeah. Great. The olympics, so cool.
Just ruin the lives of countless tibetans.

Ends justify the means?

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funny guy... i meant in what channel

in america, its on nbc
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