Hey UG, this is my first post in this forum, i just got done setting up a myspce for some of my music this week and im just looking for some opinions on it. I live in the heart of Nebraska so getting opinions or suggestions is very very hard. All of my work is done with a boss recorder, line 6 amp, an epi lp, and ezdrummer.


Please leave any thoughts, good or bad, and ill definately crit for crit. Thanks!!!!

Btw, the last song isn't serious, my friend and i just decided to do something dumb with our time today, give it a listen though if you want, its worth a laugh.
i listened to free time and the audio quality was pretty good, but the music was kinda boring i thought. the guitar needs to be turned up, its sort of dwarfed by the drums. add in more guitar tracks, and make it really interesting! now crit mine http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/theclowntree/

edit: i listened to the low, and it sounds much better; i don't really like metal but i can tell you're doing some good stuff there, add in some vocals and you'll be golden, and i think some clean, not screamo kinda vocals would sound good in that song. also, i think it would be just awesome if at 2:20 when you go into the breakdown deal, if you pulled out some classical like mozart stuff and cut the drums momentarily, but it sounds real good.
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The low

great riffing, don't ruin it with screamo vocals please, either clean sing or growl. everything went well together, I really really liked it, you have some songwriting talent, I can see a great solo coming in at 2:50, the only part that didn't fit was right at the start, but other than that, it was a great tune.
Hey, thanks for the feedback on my track. I listened to the last one. Good riffs I've got to say. Lyrics were amusing and the guy singing actually has a good voice for this kind of song, just needs a little bit of work and practice. Pretty good production job overall. I agree with those who said it could do with some lead work but that may not be what you are into and there is nothing wrong with that. Overall, was definitely worth a listen!
Yeah we were'nt actually serious about the lyrics or the vocals but it actually turned out alright, i would definately put some lead parts on these songs if i had another guitarist to work with, Thanks for the crit!!!!
Free Time:

well, its not my favourite style of music, but the playing is very clean and definitely it has some cool rhythm include some clean vocals and you get a nice tune.

The Low:

heeey dude this one is a damn bomb!!! 100% metal thats how I like it, I think you could add some aggresive vocals, growls would fit perfectly. And yes, add a solo at 2:48!!! really cool, I enjoyed it, keep it up!

I really enjoyed Southern Ride. Great stuff overall.
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