Elevation, they make entry level guitars and I want to buy a first guitar, but I'm wondering is it worth it? Also if someone has one can they give me a review?
I have never heard of them.

From my experience, its better to buy one thats a known brand with plenty of reviews to look up.

Try an epiphone G400, and pretty much any guitar by Vintage.
I didn't find anything on google. I'm going to say look into xaviere guitars on www.guitarfetish.com . Great value for the price. Also look at Agile, Douglas and SX on rondomusic.com again, very good for the price.
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I'm sorry never heard of them
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I've seen some Elevation guitars in an Argos catalog, but i have no experience of playing them. I personally would recommend starting with a trusted brand such as Squier. My first guitar was an Aria STG-003, an entry-level strat style guitar. I never had any problems with it.