Hey guys,

I've been teaching my gf guitar for a while now and she wants to buy her own. She wants a Squier Avril Lavigne Telecaster through a Line 6 Spider III 15W

What do you guys reccomend? and any reviews of the guitar please?
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Cause it's a signature i don't recommend that one... Look at the Alexi Laiho model 400-500$ for 1 pick up... you pay that price just because it's Alexi Laiho
Guitar is "ok" like most squiers. All it is, is a different pickguard imo.

The amp sucks. May sound ok on first glance, but after a while the bugs come out of the cracks.
Look at a roland cube, or a Vox valvetronix AD15VT.

Infact, i'm selling a vox ad15VT if interested :P
irockmetal is 100% correct

so buy his amp you'll get it cheaper


if you gonna look into a 300$ gay tele look for a used MiM one instead

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

i may be correct timzee but according to your sig, you have about 3 or 4 pieces of one of my dream set ups

Luckily i'm getting a nice deluxe USA strat in november.

The amp, maybe sooner :P Gotta love the hot rods.
Well, I checked musiciansfriend for the prices for ya, cuz they generally have cheaper prices than most. The guitar is $250. That's definitely cheaper than most signature models. (Hell, the Steve Vai signature's costs $2,500.) Here's the link, http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Squier-Avril-Lavigne-Telecaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=514658. At a music store, the guitar'd prolly cost $300-$500, dependin on how much they wanna jip you.
The amp is $100. Here's the link for that, http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-Spider-III-15-Guitar-Combo-Amplifier?sku=482276. At a music store, that amp might cost $150-$200.

As for wat I think of that combo...hmm...

For the Amp:
Well, as a general rule, Line 6 amps come with several simulator channels that mimic other amps in tone and several effects built-in; this 1 is no exception. It has 4 Channels, includin clean, and 6 effects. Apparently, you can have 2 effects on at once. Tho I don't how good that will sound, due to the fact that I've never used Line 6s since they tend to be solid state. Also, since it's 15W, it won't be loud. However, it'd prolly be a good starter amp since it's cheap and easy to carry.

For the Guitar:
As a rule, Teles have a very bright tone. This one, however, has a basswood body. Whereas most Teles have an ash or alder body. So, it's gonna get more of a bass tone, but not to the point that it either sounds like a bass or sounds crappy. So, your GF will get a slightly thicker tone than most players with Teles have.

The only thing I'm gonna warn you gainst is that it has a metal bridge, as all Squiers (and most Fenders) do. That wouldn't be a problem on most bridge designs, except that it can cause the high E string to catch against the bridge piece, at the lil hexnuts, it sits on and rub at that string. As a result, the high E string can break more often. (I have a Squier Bullet, with exactly the same bridge setup [or at least it came with it], and the high E string broke every 2 weeks.) The suggestion I have is to buy a bridge made mostly of plastic.

The 1 I have has a plastic where the strings rest and then, of course, a phillips-head screw so you can move the separate bridge pieces in and out. That replacement was simply a matter of takin the strings off, unscrewin and removin the metal bridge pieces, and then screwin the plastic bridge pieces in. All it required as far as tools was a phillips screwdriver.
Easy nough to do, right?

So, yeah, that's wat I say. Sorry it's so long. Peace.