I want to start learning guitar, and I saw this on amazon, an I was just wondering, is it good?
The reviews seem nice, but it-s hard to believe that a beautiful guitar like that is just 120 euros o.o

Thanks in advance


PS - I am going to play metal (mostly black and viking)
lower end bc rich's arent that great. BEHRINGER FTW. no im just kidding. save up $1000 and buy a dean razorback. its a great guitar even though your a beginner. just think, you wont have to buy a new guitar a month after your first one
go to a shop and try i tout, and some others, and a high-end one to get a gauge.


go store.
yea you'll probably find something just as good if not better if you look around in stores, and as nice as that guitar looks, it is a low end bc rich so therefore isn't great quality at all, but if you still really want that, i agree try it out in store
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i wud definetely not get a thouasand dollar guitar as my first(and i didnt, mine was a squier affinity strat), because if u dont stick with it, then u just wasted $1000, and its just NOT GOOD.
just get like an ibanez starter pack or something like that
Thanks for the answers, that was quick xD

I am going to try out some guitars at my local store, but it doesnt have a lot of them...

I wanted this one, because they say its good to start with and its good for pros too...