Hey guys,
I would really appreciate any advice on picking out a new amp.
Right now I have a Fender Starcaster guitar and the amp that came with it - it has a horrible humming/buzzing sound and the overdrive channel is terrible. This may be the amp or just that this paticular amp was used before I had it. Either way I need to replace it. I'm going to be upgrading my guitar to a les paul standard (i've played all kinds at guitar center and am in love with the lp. it's the perfect guitar for me) but I'm not sure what amp to get with it. I've spent all my time practicing and playing and really havnt read up on different brands and such.
I play mostly blues and rock. A lot of Led Zeppelin. I'm not crazy enough to think an amp alone will duplicate Jimmy Page's sound, but I would like something that can give me similar tones.
I just play for my own enjoyment, at my house. I dont need anything big that will rock my neighbors, or to play with other people or on stage... Also, I'm on a limited budget so I'll probally have to get something used, most likely on ebay.
The few amps I've tried at guitar center, I did like the Marshalls the best, but I dont know much about thier smaller amps.
I'm sure you guys get tired of all the new players throwing out the same questions, but any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Well whats your budget?

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
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if you're looking at marshall's, the MG series (cheapest) is pretty poor. have a look at the AVT 20 if it's within you're budget
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my budget is around $100 or so i realize this isnt much to work with but i just need something small that sounds decent or maybe something bigger but used
Look at a used Epiphone Valve Junior combo. It should be within your price range or thereabouts.
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You can get a Roland Cube for under 100 off ebay, and they are very good little practice amps.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Coming soon: Egnater Tweaker