Everyone recommends an SM57 for micing a guitar amp, now i am trying to save some cash but at the same time trying to produce something that is close to a pro recording.

So can I shave off some bucks on a cheaper mic or should I stick to the sm57.

I am using a Presonus Inspire, no preamps or anything, with a pair of M-audio BX5a's.

Was thinking about these:
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the sound guy that works at a theater ive played at a few times used those mics
and they didnt sound too bad

a little bright for my taste
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Being EV's, they're probably fine.

However.... you are falling into the trap that so many people fall into. They want near-pro results on a dollar store budget. It... will... not..... happen. There is a reason why pro gear costs what it does, and your recording quality will be equal to a median point between the quality of your gear and your knowledge of how to use it.

Even a 57 is a good example of a mic you would use to save some cash. There are much better mics out there, but most people use them because they're cheap and sound good. Even pro studios will opt for them for that reason. They'd really hate to have their $1000+ mic blasted out by a guitar cab, or smacked to hell by an errant drumstick. Neither source really requiring a mic in the $1000+ price bracket.

Those inexpensive EVs are good mics to use as a starting point, but don't expect Bob Rock quality from them. You'll be really disappointed. Expect 'usable' quality and you'll probably be quite happy.

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