So earlier this summer I got a job that I was supposed to be 18 to get (Im 16, and if your curious it was in Vector Marketing). Today I tried to rent something from blockbuster, but I had to have a credit/debit card. I had a debit card, but it wasnt on the account so I couldnt use it. I asked if I could make an account, but they said I had to be 18. So, I made one, and they didnt notice...

Has anyone done something like this before, and what legal trouble could there be? (I know that the pits not full of doctors, but full of lawyers now )
If you're unlucky and they'll catch you, you'll have to sit in a corner and think about what you did for a while.
If anything, they'll get in trouble, as you aren't 18.
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I've not tried it, but I once had a friend who got lured in by a store card offer (she was a moron) and they asked for her age. Being 16 at the time she lied and said she was 18, but surprise surprise when they ran her debit card through it came up as she wasn't 18. I don't know why she thought her bank details would lie for her, or something along those lines, but she did. Her idiocy still irritates me.
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I don't think you'll get in trouble. It's the people who grant you something that you are not eligible of getting who are doing something illegal.
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