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keep on dreaming son
cause you know you'll never make it
the wise man spoke to the half hearted
life is full of let downs one after the other
the trick is to just turn your head and walk away
no matter how bright that star was before it burnt out
every tale has it's closing

take a deck of cards
and drop it twice
will the out come turn out the same?
the half hearted questioned the wise man
every hope I dream has equal value
fail or succeed isnt life a learning lesson?
to just turn your head on what could have been
would be the greatest sin i'm afraid

would you gamble your mothers love away
just to realize how much she ment to you
the wise man persisted to speak his words
sure we continue to learn throughout our lifes
but to act without rethinking the possiblites
could only set ablaze to the longest bridges

bridges only brought weakness
after time we'd adapt to the swim
if i looked in the mirror deep into my eyes
i'd only see blue skys and washed away wishes
for the feeling thats inside when she is near
and than the half hearted passed away
When something great comes along, grasp and never let go