So im lookin to get a new combo amp soon and was wonderin what some of yall thought would be a good choice.

I play mostly metal, and i only need around 50 watts. My budget is preferably south of $400 but i could go over if needed.
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Valveking? IMO they sound like crap but there good if you play alot of metal.
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valve kings dont sound to good without some help IE od/eq pedal. but once you hvae those, itll be great for metal.
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Get a Valveking, man. You can upgrade it later when you get more money.
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well...Idk what these people have against valvekings...but mine rocks.
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Don't really think the Valveking is a metal amp....

I'd check out a Randall RG50TC. You'll have to save up a bit more, though.

If you want a solid state amp, the Roland Cube 60 is quite nice, and under your budget.


Also, check out a B52 AT-112
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I think you save up some more money and get an amp better than a VK. I don't know much about metal amps but I think I've heard the peavey 5150 are really good. save up and get something better like that, even if you have to go used.
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