Ok, I now completely refuse to speak or acknowledge my brothers existance, because he recently told my entire family he was agnostic. My mom doesnt care, she tells me whatever he wants to do, it's his life. The rest of my family is also fine with it, but not me, how can I convince him that he's being completely rediculous about this, and get him to get over himself.
He's a VERY devout agnostic btw.

Please, no rape, fap, or any of that nonsense, just need a bit of help here. Thanks.
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Uhm, I'm pretty sure these kinda threads are banned

It's not funny anyways...do yourself a favour and delete it
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Troll troll is troll.

If it doesn't bother your obviously much more accepting parents, it shouldn't bother you.
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Yea, I spotted that.
Follow the smoke toward the riff filled land

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This isn't even a good parody, since the OP makes fuck all sense.
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