Discontinued Peavey EXP Generation Series QCM 33964 Metallic Gold Finish, Ive never seen any one in this model (ive seen the newer model but none of the older model) a guy at guitar center said he's never seen one before. Great condition, a missing knob but I have the missing switch if you want it. Pickups are just stock pickups. It sounds great. Does not come with case, but it does come with a gig bag (I know how to package it properly, dont worry)

The versatility of this guitar is unbelievable, it can do anything from jazz to hardcore. I must say though that the cleans on the neck pickup are the best of this guitar. This guitar keeps up with my iceman very well, the cleans destroy the icemans cleans though. A great guitar either way.

The trade will be done through escrow unless you have no problem with COD

I called peavey and asked them if they make it in this model and they said its been discontinued






Looking to sell for a reasonable price, just offer I guess.

or trade for a good amp . (a roland micro cube + some cash would be the best though)

or an ipod touch maybe

or maybe an X-box 360

whatever else I guess, just offer.

PM me or post here if interested!.


it looks nice but not my thing, bump.
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