Bought it only a few months ago (either end of april or early may). The Tonelab is an absolutely fantastic sounding pedal and the best modeller i have ever played (IMO better than the Line 6 POD, Boss GT-stuff and zooms equivalent that i have played)

The reason I am selling is that i am wanting a Tiny Terror. What I have noticed is that despite the tonelab having an insane amount of different sounds, i just use one patch that i created (can be heard in my profile, the sweet child of mine cover). This doesnt mean the rest isnt good, thats just the kind of guy i think i am, im far more suited for the ol' guitar straight to amp setup. I think the Tiny Terror has my kind of sound so im going to get one of them, as i feel the Tonelab is wasted on me as i never play around with it. There are a lot of amazing sounds to be had out of this, and I rate this as one of the BEST bedroom solutions. I have never had tone this good in my room (but im hoping a tiny terror with an attenuator might sound even better!) This has has moderate usage over the few months i have had it - i didnt play it for a whole month and a half while i was at uni (left it at home), and it is in excellent condition. If you have any questions, please ask! It has the original box and manual too. Paypal or cheque please, although i will have to wait for the cheque to clear (and i wont be fooled by the old opps ive sent £3000, send me the change scam, someone tried to get me with that before and it didnt work!!)

This is the only pic i can take now as i cant find my brothers camera and he is out. Just my rubbish nokia camera im afraid. I will update it when i get a hold of him. I think there is another pic on my profile (along with the soundclip mentioned) so feel free to take a look. Im looking for around £150 ono

stupid lack of edit: i should mention that it has never seen a stage... only my lovely carpet and wonderfully soft socks! this could almost be BNIB
Just so everyone else knows, that PM was about the paintings not the Tonelab, its stil for sale!!

Im just seeing to your PM now mate
Quote by PabloGilberto
Very interested, though i wont have the pennies til next week...
Ill get back to ye ok?

Thats absolutely fine, im not in any immediate rush Just let me know as soon as you can pay Out of curiosity is this a "you have a deal but i wont be able to pay for a week" or a "im thinking about it but it wouldnt be for a week if i was to..."?

Sorry for the very late reply, i forgot to mention i was going away for 2 days!
ahh right, thats awesome. PM me when you are ready to pay and Ill get it sent by parcelforce