hey im gonna buy a guitar in the 400-600 dollar price range. The music i will be playing is like a mesh between the velvet underground and nirvana. There kinda different so im having a problem finding one. If i had to pick it would be a heavier tone. Can you guys give me any advice? it would be greatly appreciated.
i also don't know if this is the right place to post this as i am new. Thanks in advance guys and i cant believe how big these forums are.
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Can't go wrong with a Schecter Hellraiser. Can't really go wrong with any Schecter for that matter. Best guitars for the money hands down.
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
Ibanez RGA121
Vetta II HD
Schecter is probably the best at that price range. If you go up to 800+ go with Fender. If you go to 1,000 go with Gibson.
The Schecter Hellraiser is a GREAT guitar. I own one and absolutly love it. But it is 700, and 850 with a tremolo. But for 600 you can get the C 1 Plus. The Hellraiser is geared straight for metal with its EMG actives. The Plus has 2 Duncan Designed pups which are passives. It would all depends on you styles and preferences. As AbstractDeth said, you cant go wrong with a schecter. If you need anything just PM me
guys, u do no hes talking about lou reed in the velvet UNDEGROUNG, not slash in velvet REVOLVER, right?
cuz a hellraiser isntrealy the right guitar for lou reed, maybe for nirvana though.
i would sy get a jagua or jagmaster, or jazzmaster. any of those. thats what krt cobain used, and they a have a nice warm tone for ur velvet underground too.
and dont flame me
hey thanks guys ill check into all of these. And yeah im talking about lou reed and the velvet underground. Are there any guitars that will give me a softer warmer sound. I'm not looking for a metal guitar. BTW this site is freaking awesome
come on guys. PRS SE custom. $500. best guitar ever for $500. worth $1200.
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From the information ive been given i would recomend....
THIS - http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Standard-HSS-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar?sku=516039

From my own personal Experiences i would recomend......
THAT - http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-S520EX-Electric-Guitar?sku=518873
I play similiar stuff to you, and I just bought a Schecter Tempest Extreme and I wanna marry it.
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As for Schecters, Classic and Blackjack are very good for the price, with duncan passive pickups. If you're more into metal, then go for the Hellraiser, it has active EMG pickups...

Otherwise, you can go with an Epi Les Paul or G400 that are " low end" imitations of Gibson LP and SG...

You can also check out middle range ESP as M series, EC series, Viper. Depends if you want a trem also...

Is you're more rock oriented, try out some Jacksons, Dinky series are very good.

Finally, if you have little hands haha... give a try to Ibanez But then again, Ibanez middle range isn't that great, but their Prestige high end series is just wow...

PRS are also very good guitars...

Good luck !

EDIT : Fender MIM strats/teles are nice if you begin also