ok, planning on putting together a custom tele from parts, and i've found a body and neck that i like. The neck is 25.5" scale and 21 frets, but the body said it is designed for a 22 fret neck. The webpage for the body says that the neck i want (the "T" model) will fit, but im not sure if they just mean in the neck pocket. I've also heard that 22 fret necks are the same just with an overhanging fret over the body? will the neck work with the body?

http://www.guitarparts.net.au/catalog1.html - 3rd one down

http://www.guitarparts.net.au/index.html - 1st one
Yes, it will be fine.

21 and 22 fret bodies are the same. 24 fret is where you have to be careful.
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