So i will be going abroad for the semester in two weeks, and unfortunately I will not be able to bring my Les Paul w/ me. There is no one else in my family who plays, or knows anything about guitars, So my question is what should I do to store the guitar for the 4 months that I am gone. Any suggestions would be useful.
Will it be stored indoors? Stable temperature and a case would be best - guitars are fairly durable though so I wouldn't worry too much.
yeah, it will be indoors in my room at home in its skb case, is there anything else I should be worried about though (taking the strings off, or something along those lines?)
If its an acoustic I would get a humidifier but if it's an electric I would just stick it in a case and put it in a nice dry, stable temp environment and you don't have to take the strings off or anything.
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Taking the strings off could actually be bad...the truss rod is used to counter the string tension and if there's nothing to balance it you could warp your neck. That's probably not going to happen but just put it down like you'd normally do (in the case I assume) and chuck it in a closet, it'll be fine.

-your playing on the other hand is a different story