I bought a Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor a while ago but to be honest it didnt seem to solve my problems. I've been having a problem with a buzz coming from my Line6 Uber Metal distortion pedal and I thought buying the NS-2 would solve the issue. I tried tweaking all the settings but it didnt do much. All it seemed to do was lower the volume so I couldnt hear my guitar as well. If I turned up the volume on my amp, the buzz would still be there. Am I just using the wrong settings on the NS-2 or is that not my problem? And if im using the NS-2 wrong, any info or help anybody can give me to get the best results?
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Super cereal, is it before or after the dist. pedal?
The NS-2 has a loop, put your distortion pedal in that loop.
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guitar into the"input" on ns-2.
"output" on ns-2 directly into the front of your amp.
"send" on ns-2 to the input on your uber thingy.
output on your uber to the "return" on the ns-2.

make sure its on reduction and not mute.

if this dosent fix the noise after tweaking the threshold knob (and the "suppression"light is lit)...then isolate the noise/hum.

could be a bad cable,..bad uber deal,..short at the input jack of your guitar etc.

make sure the battery is good,..if ya use a one-spot battery eliminator ya cant daisy chain it with the ns-2/uber.

good luck
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Doesn't the Uber Metal have a built in noise gate?

Yeah but it doesnt eliminate 100% of the buzz.
A reply to a couple of suggestions:
I didnt know how to loop or what that even meant, so im going to try that and see what happens.

Thanks to all who replied, I think now I have a better idea of what to do.