A friend of a friend of mine is selling a Lotus LP copy, and Epiphone SG, and a Crate XT120R for $300 (total). He says they're all in good condition and relatively new, nothing broken...is the stuff worth the price he wants, in your opinions?
What kind of SG, G-310 or G-400?
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Still, Sounds like a great idea to me, The G-310 itself (if thats what it is) is $250 I think. Not sure bout the LP, The Crate looks like it would be at LEAST $400 new (not positive).

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all i know is that lotus makes incredibly heavy guitars. i have played on a lotus strat copy that was just ridiculously heavy and a tele copy that i couldnt figure out where half the weight came from.
2 guitars and an amp, for 300$ is cheap as nails. The issue is whether you need them.
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The issue is whether you need them.

Please remember this, I've lost much time and money by forgetting this piece of advice.
Glad I was of service. Seriously, useless gear hurts the pockets, and you're homes storage capacity.