I remember back when I first started playing starting out with only a BC-rich bronze series warlock guitar and a little fender combo amp. The first time I started thinking about upgrading and walking into a guitar center to try out a Gibson les paul for the very first time and the ease it played and how the guitar plus amp made anything you played sound good even if it was complete crap while the bc rich would allways sound like crap no matter how good you played.

I would say my bigest influences into my sound are Disturbed, Slipknot, Godsmack, Linkin park and ofcourse zakk Wylde, while still being unique and having my own sound. My playing style consist of heavy slow chunky playing while using palm mutes and pinch harmonics, and ofcourse at times some heavy speed. I also like to play acoustic but not as much as the heavy gain stuff lol.

Anyways, i'm going all out and upgrading my equipment.
This amp and stack are what I plan on picking up:

RH300G3PLUS Amp Head

RS125CX 2X12" 1X15" Speaker Cab

I know the amp is a hybrid and not a full blown tube but from what I heard it sounds good, and besides im paying out of my pocket.

I am also going to pick up this multi effect pedal as I have heard good things about it.

Boss Gt-10

Now here is the dilemma, I know I want to pick up one of these guitars but im not sure which one would sound better, be heavier.. etc. This is where I need help.

Ibanez MTM2
Ibanez RGT42FXQM

Out of these two guitars which one would be better and why? I want a guitar that is going to last years and sound amazing for my playing style. I do know that with whatever one I get, im going to replace the pickups and throw in some Emg's 81/85. The RGt4fxqm would be easier to do that with considering it has a volume/tone and a 3 way selector allready while the MTM2 has only a volume and a 5 way selector. If I was to pick up the MTM2 I was considering customizing it right off the bat by drilling a tone knob into it- Maybe, or just leave it as is with no tone knob.

Anyways what do you guys think? And if anyone know there owns any of these two guitars please do let me know what you think about the guitars.
i'd say only get a floyd rose if you need it, and have a knowledge to maintain it
So they are both pretty much the same in quality? the Rgt4 has a neck through.. I never owned one so im not sure if that would make a big impact on say crunchyness or pinch harmonics.
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Do you really Need a 300W amp. They make a 150W version of that, and its gonna be plenty loud enough.


heeeey whats wrong with multi effect pedals?? they're so much easier to use and organize than having like 5 different pedals
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First of all, the MTM2 is currently out of stock. Says it'll be available September 1st.
Also, if you say you're unique and have your own sound, why would you buy a signature guitar?

Now, for the amp. Do you really need a 300 Watt amp? Odds are, you're never going to need that much power, unless you play big stadiums every night. They must make a smaller version of that head. It'll save you some cash. Do you even need a stack?
I'm sure you'd be fine with a combo. You could get a real combo tube amp. If you want the power, you could get a 100W. That'll be enough.

I could be wrong though. How long have you been playing? Do you play any live gigs, and how big would they be?
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Yep I play gigs, mostly party garage gigs and planet rock gigs. As for the MTM2 its more about the plain look it offers, the mahagony wood and the reverse head stock. As for it being a signature i could care less either way as I am planing to replace either guitar pickups with emg pickups.

As for the Amp head, Randall does make a 150wat(Called the RH150GPLUS) version of that amp. The quality on it though is not as good and it is more muddy. The 300wat has more head room and sounds amazing even at volume 1 with no mudness to it once so ever. It also sounds allmost identicle to what a tube amp would sound like being the preamp is a mosfet tube.
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I see. I just thought 300W was alot of useless power. And for the guitar, I forgot you said you'd change the pickups.
300w is definitely too much power. o_o ..Hell, 100w is too much..

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lol too much power? is there a such thing? I dont see what harm it would cause to have that much awattage. It leaves room from practicing to large stadium gigs - lol but by that time im sure id have asponsor and would be moving on to pure tube amp.

Also I thought the more wattage a hybrid solid state has makes it closer sounding to a pure tube amp.

If i could find a nice stack combo tube head/cab I would go that way, but being this is coming out of my pocket and im not a big fan of those tiny little combo amps(Would rather have astack)

Anyways what about the guitars I chosen. Out of those two one of them I plan on picking up, just as before, not sure which one as of yet.
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heeeey whats wrong with multi effect pedals?? they're so much easier to use and organize than having like 5 different pedals

No they aren't I own a Boss GT 10 and it's hard to figure out how to actually use it without the presets. Not as hard as GT-8 but still takes a while. To tell you the truth too, Multi FX is all digital, that's like having a ton of differen't SS amps. There is an output to a speaker or set of speakers for stereo. If you are gonna get the GT-10, you could just get 2 massive speakers and hook the GT-10 to that. I saw a vid of how to just get the pedal fx and not any of the preamps but it was too confusing for me and I don't want to ruin my multi fx. Or you could get a tube amp and some real pedals. I would have done that option had I any money and time to maintain it. GT-10 just worked better for me. It sounds okay but it's still hard to dial in the tone you're looking for if you aren't a pro with the pedal or a audio engineer.
Either way I know the head im getting owns. Ive heard it, I played on it and it damn near sounds just as good as a mesa boogie rect 3 which btw is an all tube Amp.

2nd, all pedals you use are digital. From wahs to metal zones.

3rd Boss gt-10 has a Looper built in along with top of the line effects. Boss is known for their effects not their amp modeling. When I say effects I mean, Wahs, Phasers, Flanges, Distortions, Chorus ETC. Now as I said above boss is known for well made effects and not the amp modeling, this is true, but the Amp modeling they offer is good enough to pass Live.

Finally, when your switching channels on a boss gt-10 there is no delay like there is with a line 6, pod.. GNX whatever, which is insanely good for live as a 2 second delay before a patch/effect switches over would mean its not gig worthy. That as said, along with the rugidness of the pedal itself is ownage.

Some names that use these pedals live in stadiums are Ra, Disturbed etc.

Anyways, im more here about which guitar I should choose. Instead of helping me with that people are complaining about an awsome rig that does infact sound like a Full tube amp.

Please all I ask for is help with the guitars lol.
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300w is definitely too much power. o_o ..Hell, 100w is too much..

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150 tube= 300 solid state

do your research first buddy...
lol well on that note, I was considering buying the Randall V2 which looks insanely awsome, the only problem is i havent played one or heard one in person as my guitar center dont have them but can order them. Granted the V2 is 500 bucks more over the rh400Gplus.... hmmm.

Thoughts on the v2? and which of the guitars? please lol.
On the guitars, I say get the neckthrough one. It doesn't have a crappy floyd that will die on you. And seriously, who the hell needs a double locking fixed bridge? And does the bridge float? It looks like it to me, that's just plain pointless. I guess they could be expecting you to mod it with a floyd, but why make a guitar that needs modifications right off the bat? Anyway, go with the RG, neckthrough gives you better fret access, better sustain and all that jazz.

For an amp, I'd save up for a real good tube. No point going halfway with a hybrid, you'll only be upgrading it as soon as you can. Start off with a good tube combo, go used if you can. Used 5150/6505 is all the rage with the young metalheads on a budget, so try one of those, or a B52. Or, if you can save, go all out and buy a high-gain amp with a good rep, amps like ENGL, Mesa, VHT, H&K spring to mind. Try out everything you can.

Oh and with the pedal, same thing goes as with the amp. You'll want to upgrade sooner rather than later, so get some quality stomp boxes. Start off with a few and then build your way up. Go for quality the first time and you won't need an upgrade for a long time.
Yea ima get the neck through.. Dunno about the amps though. The two amps I chose seem decent.

What about the Randall tube amps that have the 3 slots for preamp modules?
Haha guess ima pick up the peavey 6505+

what cab should I get with it? Im thinking ima pick up that randall cab with the 2 12s and 1 15inch. should make my palm mutes amazing and my pinch harmonics scream right? They are Eminence Legend speakers.

Man I hope this head works well with the gt-10 and as to why I want the gt-10 is to further shape my own sound and test out various effects mainly.
The Randall with the modules is a pretty good amp I hear, but there's the whole module switching out thing. I dunno, try it out, see which you like better. As far as the cabs concerned, IMO you should go with the tried and true 2x12 or 4x12, I haven't heard much about the 2x12 with a 15" on the bottom, but again, just try them out, if you can.
Man I just cant decide on what amp to get. I'm now looking at the Hughes & Kettner Warp X because out of all the amps, it has an effects loop switch so it can be either Effects loop: parallel/serial/-10dB. According to the gt-10 stuff I been reading having the serial loop with the -10db will make the amps preamps etc effect the tone and not the gt10s modeling amps. So in the end you get a nice wonderful color from the gt10. I'm curious though, is this a high gain amp? and would it be good for like doing covers of like Slipknot/linkin Park to godsmack and tool and to old school metallica?

Any thoughts about this head?
Warp X

Feature wise, it seems to have the best style of effect loops etc
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Well for the guitars you said

"I want a guitar that is going to last years and sound amazing for my playing style"

If you want something that fits your individual playing style, I wouldn't suggest getting a guitar that was made for another guys playing style.

Also the Mick Thompson signature is made specifically for hard rock and metal, the RGT42FXQM just seems more versatile.
Well, I decided im going to get a River Knucklehead Series head. These amps are amazing.. awsome clean/awsome gain/distortion.