Ok. So recently I decided to customize my Peavey Raptor. At first I wanted to do a red and white frankenstein.I also scalloped some frets, and got a new pickguard and pickups. But I didn't like it too much. So, I sanded it down some and got this..
So when I strung it up, the bridge started to do something strange.

It seems to be being pulled out of the cavity. Is this something to be worried about? If so how can I fix it? Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help.
You need to tighten or add springs to your trem - a simple fix.

I like the paint better than your average frankenstrat, but the knobs aren't so much my thing -you're the one playing it though.

Also, your scalloped frets look a bit rough, what did you finish them off with (grit #)?
That is SO sexy. Wow dude, just wow.

And yeah, tighten the springs will do the trick.

yep worked like a charm. I actually accidentally came across this paint job. I was going to sand it down to the wood but this is what happened, and I like it. I knobs were just something I wanted to try, something different.
wow that looks amazing man haha I wish it was mine!
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I like that paint...or lack of paint. It looks damn good.
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