I'm guessing that's your effects loop. You can run pedals and other fun toys through there so they come into the signal chain after the preamp.
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whats the brand and model of your amp?
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There are 4 jacks on my amp one says input above it and another says footswitch above it. Those 2 I can figure out. What about the jacks which say Power In and Pre Out above them.

If you plug something into "power in" it will bypass the inbuilt pre-amp and go straight to the power amp.

If you plug something into "pre out" it will bypass the inbuilt poweramp.

Or that's what I'm guessing because of their names.
Preout is simply another name for fx send and power in is another name for fx return. I have an amp that says line in and line out but is just the fx loop.
it's for the fx loop

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